We wanted to share with you this wonderful testimonial we received this week:


Aiming for Hammerhead. That's what my 2 boys said the first time they came home from their Mighty Swimmers Class. It seemed a long way from their Clara Clownfish level. Until this past weekend - when I took them to the Mariner wave pool. The previous time had been late summer just before they started with Mighty Swimmers. Well I felt like I was now in the pool with 2 very different boys. Transformed into confident and capable boys splashing around, going down the slide, jumping in and swimming underwater and diving through a hula hoop in the water. We're so very pleased and thankful to Holly, their fab teacher who eternally applies patience and enthusiasm with them and all the team who make lessons happen. I'm truly stunned at such a change in such a short space of time. So Mr Hamish Hammerhead doesn't seem so far away after all! 
Lindsey Taylor

Mighty Swimmers Terms and Conditions



Lesson Terms


Our lessons run in 8 week blocks (with one 5 week block at the end of the academic year), fees must be paid in advance of any 8 week block commencing and paid in full regardless of whether a swimmer attends or not.

Mighty Swimmers holds a no refunds policy but in the unusual event that Mighty Swimmers has to cancel a lesson, we will offer make up lessons by adding another date to the term if possible, or inviting customers to attend a lesson on an alternative day. If this is not possible, then a refund or credit will be applied to your account.

If pool closures occur, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to inform you of such closures, however this may not always be possible and we ask for your understanding. With this in mind, it is important that you notify Mighty Swimmers of any change to your contact details.





As Mighty Swimmers hires pools in numerous school districts, term holidays may differ between pools. Please keep up to date with term dates and holidays using the calendar on our website as well as following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





Rebooking for all new terms will take place on week 6 of every existing block.

Our existing customers are offered priority re-booking for their current places to ensure smooth continuity of lessons. Customers are given a week from the invoice being issued, to re-book and guarantee their space in the new term.

Due to our large and ever growing waiting list, failure to re-book within 1 week of being issued with your invoice, will result in your priority re-booking no longer being held.

To re-book we simply ask that, if paying by invoice, you pay your invoice using the link in the email by Paypal or Credit/Debit Card.

Please note that an additional £2.50 is charged at each re-booking to cover the cost of our online payment service. This can be avoided by paying via standing order.



Standing Order


Mighty Swimmers offers the option to pay for lessons by monthly standing order which allows you to spread the cost of 37 lessons over the year, avoids the £2.50 re-booking fee and automatically guarantees your space in the new term.

When paying by standing order, customers are still committing to one full term of lessons. Should you wish to cancel lessons at any point, Mighty Swimmers will work out how much of the term has been covered by your previous payments and will either require a top-up, or will refund the difference where appropriate, to cover payment to the end of the current term.

Please contact us for more information, should you wish to set up a standing order.



Poolside and Changing Areas


Please note that children under the age of 8 years should be accompanied in the gender appropriate changing room to the adult.

Children 8 years and older, including adults, should not enter the female changing room if male and should not enter the male changing room if female.


Please do not leave children unattended and keep belongings with you at all times. (Mighty Swimmers hold no liability for any lost or stolen property). Please do not leave belongings in cubicles or on top of benches as this prevents swimmers changing before or after their lesson.


Blue shoe covers must be worn poolside and in the shower areas (if helping children to shower). Not all pools provide shoe covers so shoes must be removed at these venues. In order to keep the facilities as we find them, please help us keep the pools clean and tidy by not wearing muddy shoes in changing areas and poolside and please squeeze wet swimwear over sinks or in the shower area only, and not on the changing room floor.





If parents are leaving the building during lessons, please let our team know and leave them with your mobile number should they need to contact you in an emergency. Please also ensure that you arrive back in plenty of time to collect children at the end of the lesson.


If your child needs assistance to go to the toilet, please be on hand should your child need to use the toilet during their lesson. All of our staff are fully disclosed and PVG members (including our poolside assistants), however to avoid disruption to the lesson for other children, we ask that parents accompany their child to the toilet. To reduce this need, please make sure that children are taken to the toilet before the start of their lessons.



Eating Before Lessons


Please do not allow your child to eat before their swimming lesson and allow at least two full hours before coming swimming after eating. This is to avoid children being sick in the pool and lessons being cancelled because of it.





Please avoid swimming if you or your child had has sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours. Please also avoid swimming if your child has a contagious illness or infection that may be passed on to other swimmers.  It is not advisable for you or your child to come swimming with an open wound. Any infections of the foot must be covered by a waterproof sock.

If there is a poolside manager at your pool, please contact 07399 590 281 by text to inform the staff if you will be missing any lessons. 

New term March 2016

Our new term starts:

Thursday 10th March 2016 at Linlithgow Academy

Friday 11th March 2016 at Linlithgow and Bathgate Academy

Saturday 12th March 2016 at both Energize Edinburgh Park and Broughton Primary Edinburgh

Sunday 13th March 2016 at Larbert High School

Monday 13th March at Linlithgow Academy

Tuesday 14th March at Energize Edinburgh Park.


Please view our calendar for full terms dates including holidays.


Many thanks, MS Team